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M.S. (Thesis Option)

Summary of Degree Requirements

• At least 30 semester hours of graduate credit, no more than 6 of which are awarded for Independent Research (GEOL 591) and no more than 6 of which are awarded for Thesis (GEOL 599) research.

• Cumulative grade point average of at least 3.00 out of 4.00.

• At least 15 semester hours credit in courses numbered 500 or above (including thesis and independent research hours, which must be completed at SIUC).

• At least 9 semester hours after admission to the degree program.

• At least 9 semester hours taught on the Carbondale campus or in an approved residency center.

• At least 21 semester hours of graduate course work graded A, B, or C.

• At least one half of the required number of course hours earned at SIUC.

• Courses to be applied to the degree taken within six years of conferring the degree.

• Transfer credit taken at another institution or as an unclassified student approved by the dean of the Graduate School.

• Comprehensive final oral examination and defense of thesis.

• A copy of an approved thesis submitted to the Graduate School

• Submission of departmental clearance form.

• In order to maintain active status, students who leave the university after completion of all program requirements other than the thesis must register for GEOL 601, Continuing Enrollment, each semester until the thesis has been submitted to the Graduate School.

Additional detail concerning these degree requirements can be found on the Graduate School home pages.