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Ph.D. in Geosciences

Requirements for the Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Geosciences

The primary objective of the doctoral program in Geosciences is to develop a student capable of successfully conducting original research and the presentation of an acceptable dissertation describing the results, analysis, and implications of that research.

The program of study is flexible, to allow students to take courses offered by departments within the College of Science, and across campus. Each student is expected to take graduate-level courses (excluding readings, independent studies, and internship) of at least 3 credits each from at least four different faculty members at SIUC. The program requires a minimum of 48 semester hours, 24 of which may be 600-level dissertation credits.

Before the end of their second year in the program, students shall have

(1) established an advisory committee including their dissertation adviser and four additional members (any member of the graduate faculty in the University can serve on the committee, but at least one member must be from a department other than the Department of Geology);

(2) demonstrated competence in at least one research tool (the student’s advisory committee will determine the requirements and research tool competence); and

(3) pass a comprehensive written and oral examination.

As a candidate for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Geosciences, the student is expected to make normal progress toward the successful completion and presentation of original research. Ordinarily, the doctoral student should expect to spend a minimum of two years beyond the Master’s degree, or its equivalent, in residence.

Students will be required to carry out original research performed with minimal supervision; dissertations must be of such quality as to merit publication in appropriate professional journals. A final oral examination will be held after completion of the doctoral dissertation.

Degree requirements, graduation, and time limits are subject to the general guidelines of the Graduate School.