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crew of Joides Resolution

Probing the ocean crust

Ph.D. candidate Sarah Friedman (who is working with Dr. Eric Ferre) was part of the scientific team aboard the JOIDES Resolution, an NSF-funded ocean drilling ship (part of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program).  Expedition 345 drilled off the coast of Costa Rica, at the Hess Deep Rift to study crustal formation processes along the East Pacific Rise.

Sarah says that being on the boat was an unique opportunity. She served as the ships' paleomagnetist, looking at the mineralogy, structures, alteration and paleomagnetic properties of retrieved rocks, in a multidisciplinary effort to understand the processes that occur in the ocean floor.

Following the ship-board experience, Sarah traveled on to Japan (funded by NSF and the Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences) spending 10 weeks doing petrologic analyses on the electron microprobe and field work on the ophiolites (exposed deep ocean rocks) of northern Japan.

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