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Undergraduate Program Coordinator:

Dr. Sally Potter-McIntyre
Office: 215C Parkinson Lab
Phone: 618-453-7372
E-mail: pottermcintyre@siu.edu

Students majoring in geology can choose either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree. Students also have the option of earning a minor in geology. The Bachelor of Science curriculum is designed primarily for those who intend to pursue careers as geologists or who plan to go on to graduate study in geology, whereas the Bachelor of Arts degree is more flexible and permits you to combine geologic education with other areas of interest, such as law, engineering, biology, business, or teaching.

The Bachelor of Science program requires a wide range of prescribed courses and is highly competitive with similar programs around the nation. The summer field course, usually taken between the junior and senior years, is required for this degree. It is taught at the permanent field camp in the Beartooth Mountains near Red Lodge, Montana, established by the Yellowstone-Bighorn Research Association and shared with the University of Pennsylvania, Princeton University, Franklin and Marshall College, and Amherst College.

SIU geology students have many opportunities to supplement course work in the major with courses, a minor, or even a double major in related disciplines. If you want to become an environmental lawyer you can combine the geology major with pre-law, and perhaps go on to the SIU School of Law. Your geology program might also be expanded by work in physics, chemistry, business, civil engineering, mining engineering, computer science, forestry, plant and soil science, geography, or one of the life sciences. All of these majors, and more, are available at SIU.

Education beyond the bachelor's degree is increasingly important for those seeking career opportunities in geology. SIU offers a strong graduate program, with master's and Ph.D. degrees in geology, chemistry, and engineering. Attractive options for some are the Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) and Juris Doctor (law) degrees.