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Recent Undergraduate Research

Many of our faculty involve undergraduates in their research programs.  These field and lab experiences allow our undergraduates to work closely with both faculty and graduate students. Such experience is important preparation for graduate school or moving on to a job in industry or state or federal government positions.

Here are some links to departmental groups that have recently involved undergraduates in their research programs:

Dr. Liliana Lefticariu's Lab: Biogeochemistry, economic geology, coal geochemistry

Dr. Justin Filiberto's Lab: Petrology and mineralogy of basaltic magmas on Mars, Earth, and the Moon

Dr. Sally Potter-McIntyre's Lab: Sedimentology, stratigraphy, and biogeochemistry of diagenesis, petroleum geology, Mars sedimentology and astrobiology

Dr. Sue Rimmer's Lab: Organic petrology of petroleum source rocks and coals, geochemistry of coals and black shales, maceral separation